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Courtyard led by all-woman team
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Predominantly based on Mediterranean and Arab styled cuisines, the Courtyard Pizza Wraps eatery that set up shop in the Setia Kenangan area is a pleasant locale indeed for those looking to try something new. With a small yet cute interior full of personality, this is a stop that everyone should try at least once, or several.

Led by an all-female team, the staff comprising the cooks and waitresses are friendly and professional, as well as well-informed. With a wide choice of dishes that some customers may require a bit of an explanation, staff are well-versed on their array of delectables. Some of the dishes are presented in such a manner that it felt like a crime to actually stir things around prior to consumption.

From a selection of thin-crust pizzas that are expertly hurled into the air by chefs with impressive dexterity and reflexes, to its well presented chicken wraps, salads, and frosted beverages (the lemon mint is a guaranteed thirst-quencher on a hot day), there is a little bit of something for everyone. With a special focus on Mediterranean cuisines – no visit here is complete without sampling the Hummus, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese.

Aesthetically, this store front is quite lovely with wooden furniture placed within an outdoor alcove nearby the front entrance. Ringed on 2 sides by panelled windows, the alcove can accommodate 4-5 people comfortably and offers a view within. The tiles that make up the flooring double down as being part of an ongoing trend while also being perfectly suited to the establishment’s theme.

One of the major features is the front door itself. A thick and heavy wooden construct with black iron banding, studs, grill, and elaborately-designed handle – this door would not be considered out of place across wider Europe. Often remarks are paid to the little things as being most effective in adding charisma to a space, and while this door technically falls under that category, its sheer size alone ensures it draws the wandering eye.

Upon entering the eatery, the golden glow of the lamps coupled with the yellow-painted walls and sandalwood furniture present a welcoming ambience that once again succeeds in bringing forward a beachy Mediterranean vibe. Framed paintings depict a riot of colour as the yellow serves to frame the whirlpool of streaks within its borders. A neon-red sign with the eatery’s namesake covered by a grill lends an American mid-west roadside diner feel, albeit more high class. A stained glass mosaic lamp that is oval in shape and suspended from the ceiling is quite a work of art, while the rest of the interior is illuminated by other lamps of industrial and artistic designs.

Another ongoing trend, unpainted red brick walls provides a strong earthy feel that complements the muted yellows and the tanned leather of the seats. The indoor section which takes up most of the floor plan can accommodate some 25 people comfortably. Situated in an area populated with many eateries, cafes and restaurants, Courtyard Pizza Wraps is a flavourful getaway where you can enjoy some peace and quiet in its current capacity as a getaway from the many alternatives nationwide.

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