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Cute kitchen packed with personality
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Some of you may recognise this kitchen from last month’s cover feature but regardless of the fact, this small space is jam packed with so much personality that the BHC Team believed it deserved a spot of honour for our kitchen special.

This dry kitchen, which leads to a separate wet kitchen via an interconnecting portal is, in all due honesty, an adorable space with many items that help define the owner’s sense of style. With a fondness for several Malaysian and Indonesian magazines that focus on home design and decor, this homeowner owns an impressive collection of publications from which she further developed the vision she had been mentally assembling. With such a sheer volume of references available at hand, it didn’t take long to decide on an overall theme that could be played with consistently throughout the entire residence.

Off-white walls transition smoothly to the floor tiles, shelves and cabinetry, which are coloured by differing hues of light brown, creating a gentle blend that is easy on the eyes. A single piece of cabinetry of the purest white stands on one end and would blend in with the backdrop seamlessly if not for the assortment of décor and utensils. Collectible tin cans on this cabinet add spots of colour while the nearby insulated oven mittens add extra texture to soften the hard and angular corners.

To add contrast to the overall look, a spherical coffee table with 2 accompanying chairs acts as the main centerpiece. Far from playing the sole role of an aesthetic flourish (an initial assumption made by many due to its presence in an already small space), this table lives up to its functional purpose and is but 1 of several chill-out spaces spread throughout this cosy residence. Originally meant for 2 persons, a third chair can be pulled up if required for an additional guest. With an established rotation that results in regular ‘stopper-byes’ getting to enjoy the many features the home has to offer from the perspective of different parts of the home, this kitchen spot has a strong personal ambience.

Running alongside the table is the main countertop which is populated with myriad utensils, appliances and knick knacks. Once again, far from being the chaotic clutter that it could easily become, little tricks of the trade have been incorporated to help maximise space. From exposed baskets and trays within which glasses and herbs are kept in, to customised railings drilled into the wall to hang mugs from, as well as additional shelves from which to place more decorations on, this homeowner has meticulously planned everything with an obvious strategy in mind.

From inspirational quotes and phrases, as well as tiny bits of greenery, to even the nature of the messages inscribed on all of the hanging mugs (regarding coffee for the most part), it is impossible to shake off the feeling of warmth and welcome. It is because of this that it comes as no surprise at all that more than 90% of the time, it is this lovely homeowner who plays host to her friends as opposed to being the guest – an arrangement that she is quite happy with.

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