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Eight teams battle it out for The Air Asia Challenge Trophy.
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Available for enthusiasts from all walks of life, the Weekend Warriors held its first Air Asia Challenge Trophy (AACT) in December 2017. What makes this competition a little unique is the incorporation of a ‘piala pusingan’, in which every winner on the victorious team gets to keep the championship trophy for a duration, before eventually being handed off to the next champion team.

Open to all futsal teams across the Sultanate, 8 groups stepped forward. Ultra Instinct Warriors, Broxton, Brunei 88, Walowey FT, Plan Batu FC, Hello Kitties FC, Al-Rawda, and MMW.

After a series of fun and full-on football, against the backdrop of this platform’s purple, white and orange signature colours – AlRawda emerged as the victorious champions, while Walowey FT and Brunei 88 came in at 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

This is not a once per annum gig, with the 2nd AACT already slated to take place in April, with an estimated 12 teams expected to compete for the top podium. To further spice up the diversity of competitors, the top 2 teams from the Weekend Warrior’s Corporate League will also be joining the next challenge. So even before the next competition begins, the brains behind the platform continue to ramp up the intensity, even if ever so slightly.

So the only thing that remains to be seen is – will you and your boys be participating? To register email us at info@ for more information.

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