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Good food, better memories
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Like any household where family is paramount, it’s easy to see why the kitchen became such an important part of this home. “Everyone is always busy. It’s the only time we get to spend together, so it’s very important that we have dinner as a family,” the homeowners tell the magazine, “Even if they come home at 8:30 or 9, we’ll wait.”

The kitchen underwent a renovation some time in 2001 with the sole purpose of installing an extractor. “As much as I love food and appreciate the aromas, I don’t like the cooking smell permeating throughout the house,” the homeowner explains, sharing a story of how soon he had to replace a wall clock because the cogs were covered in grease! And since installing the extractor, how long has the current clock lasted, you may ask. “Fifteen years,” he tells the magazine, and proudly at that!

But in all seriousness, though done nearly seventeen years ago the renovation made the kitchen a force to be reckoned with. When you walk in, it’s hard to miss the industrial grade appliances. There is of course the aforementioned extractor that commands everyone’s attention. Then there is the restaurant kitchen style stove which is an absolute sight to behold. With the sleek yet industrial design and steel finish, you can’t help but imagine yourself as a decorated chef regardless what you’re cooking! Fantasies aside, the stove is well built and a testament to how important it is to invest in quality appliances. The BHC team was also delighted to learn that everything from the design, materials, construction and fittings were locally sourced.

And although the industrial grade appliances are reminiscent of a well-equipped restaurant kitchen, the rest of the décor reminds you that you are indeed in a family’s kitchen. The cool grey tiles on the walls and the floor serve as a nice backdrop for both the appliances and the black granite marble topped island in the middle. This black granite marble tops all the counters in the kitchen and features pearlescent flecks that beautifully catch the light. These countertops are nicely off-set by the white cabinetry. By the window above the sink is a rack that the homeowner installed, adding that, “Everyone always used the same pots and pans because the rest were inaccessible!” Smaller appliances are neatly displayed on the counters, all in either white or steel which gives the kitchen a clean look.

“My husband loves to entertain,” the homeowner’s wife tells the magazine, “So the kitchen needed to facilitate that.” The couple shared stories about the friends they have over for dinners and how long their open houses would last. “No matter how late it was, as long as our cucul was still on, our house would be open for friends and family to visit,” the homeowners joke. Though BHC Magazine visited this home to talk about the kitchen, the team was treated to family anecdotes that revolve around food, about the open house food prep, an endearing story about crying over a bowl of soto, and how the homeowner’s wife felt the pressure to bake a beautiful victoria sponge wedding cake in one day!

Connected to the kitchen is an intimate dining area with a sliding glass door that opens up to a veranda and looks out to the driveway and part of the garden. The sliding glass door and the windows allow a lot of light into the space, making the dining area feel more spacious. It isn’t hard to imagine pleasant dinners spent in this kitchen and dining area. With everything being within arm’s reach and connected, the team definitely got a feel of how close-knit this family is. And the best part? We were able to experience that warmth ourselves.

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