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Healthy living is a hybrid of good exercise and a good diet, which is why it always helps when a specialty-gym can offer both.
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Activities pertaining to the improvement of personal fitness, in the pursuit of a more active and healthy lifestyle has experienced a bit of a boom in recent history. Indeed, the past 3-5 years has seen the emergence of an increasingly strong and focused mindset among the Brunei community in this regard, with a noticeable increase in citizens taking up exercise and sport to achieve their own body-goals. It goes without saying that as people become more aware of the importance of staying in good shape, more gyms and other specialty spaces offering unique training regimes would emerge to mirror this trend.

One such establishment that is embedding itself within this industry, and is based in the One Menglait Industrial Park, goes by the name of Hybrid Movement. Having opened slightly more than a year ago and managed by a married couple; their team of instructors along with their fellow members have access to an industrial space from 4pm onwards 6 days a week. On Sundays this training space is closed because even hardcore fitness enthusiasts are Human beings who are entitled to a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Taking up the ground and upper floors of 2 units, Hybrid Movement has a space for playing basketball, in addition to matted areas where members can take part in weight, agility and endurance training courtesy of the equipment available on hand. Most of the members present during the BHC visit to this specialty gym were adult men and women, but there was a young boy around 10 years of age receiving attention from one of the in-house trainers. The topic of interest and scrutiny was the boy’s posture, which was good to see as youngsters (and some adults too) can get a little too excited when beginning a fitness regimen and often neglect to maintain good posture while exercising.

Exercise routines written on the black walls in chalk are used as references by certain members on the day itself, while other chalkboards have more colourful chalk-written list of beverages available at the HYB Café upstairs. At the top of the staircase which also offers a good view of members as they continue with their routines, branches off toward the café and the Hybrid Revolution room. The latter is a space dedicated to spinning classes in which around two dozen stationary bicycles have been set up for participants, while another 4 take up the elevated stage providing instructors with a better field of vision over their classes. A large mirror behind the instructors provides that visual motivation to all to keep on going.

Between Hybrid Revolution and the HYB Café is a narrow walkway with two tables with the logos of DC’s Superman, and Marvel’s Captain America painted onto the wooden-planked tops – which is fairly fitting considering the nature of this business. A wide custom-made wooden door that can spin on its pivot similar to a revolving door as a means of being opened or closed, is the entranceway granting people access to the café. Making heavy use of reclaimed woods, the café can accommodate around 20 people comfortably in a space that takes away from its members and the general public the right to drink sugary drinks (good!). On the menu instead is a selection of healthy fruit smoothies with names such as ‘Strawberry Slams’ and “Hulk’s Day Off”. Despite a small menu, there are also meals of the healthy variety available for purchase.

Towards the end of the visit, the BHC team noticed a board with newspaper cut-outs and clippings written on one of the gym’s owners and his accomplishments in both local and regional fitness competitions, as well as a number of mock cheques awarded to the owner and other members of Hybrid Movement for their performance in achieving good ranks in Malaysian competitions. It is always good to see evidence of an establishment’s successes as this lends credence to the managing teams’ overall capabilities. So if you are searching for a training space to improve your fitness levels, consider joining the movement at this establishment.

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