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Need a space to escape to with the girlfriends for a meal and a gossip? Then this is the place for you.
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A benefit of our Sultanate playing home to a booming food and beverage industry is the presence of numerous eateries and cafés, each with their own unique design templates in play. From modern contemporary or rustic overtones, to green friendly or a stark industrial outlook, these businesses are gimmicky spaces jam packed with personality.

Located on the first floor of Block C in Setia Kenangan II (upstairs from Pepper Lunch), is the ‘I’m Here For You Boutique & Café’. Yes, the name is rather alluring and this wedding themed café backs it up by offering customers a small yet cute space that can accommodate around 15 people at any given time. So while couples and small groups do frequent this café, clientele usually take the form of single large groups, so do call in advance to ensure you can be accommodated.

The Charmerize Boutique line of beauty products are all displayed neatly on shelves against one wall of the café, along with other items inclusive of handbags and dresses, while a few different seating areas dot the interior. These include a slim bar counter and stools – furnishings that traditionally hug the wall, but in this instance has been centrally positioned. Doing so increases functionality as the bar counter also acts as a space divider that defines lanes for people to walk along. A pair of benches reminiscent and an accompanying wooden table take up a spot near the tempered glass overlooking the commercial hub. “These benches are typical of what you can often find in Australia, but in Brunei not so much” the owner of the café, Charlene, says before pointing out that she herself is fond of benches and absolutely needed to have at least one setup.

Popular with couples, a Disney Princess-inspired table for two is impossible to miss. Resembling the horse-drawn pumpkin carriage from Cinderella, the white flower-entangled fixtures were originally meant to be used as an archway leading to the group seating area. “We misjudged the size,” Charlene says before quickly adding, “We couldn’t use it the way we planned but we didn’t want it to go to waste either, so we were able to create this unique table” by welding everything together. In this case, there is a ‘happy ever after’, as the furnishing is rich with personality, fits the theme perfectly, and makes for an unintentional good story. In addition, customers do call in advance requesting to reserve this unique table, as well as the group area.

Marked out by a white-washed picket fence that acts as a border, the main seating area is on a slightly elevated wooden decking, that has been layered with carpet grass. The rear wall has been designed with wooden pallets, carpet grass and an assortment of miscellaneous adornments, such as flowers, fairy lights, and stuffed toys. This succeeds in presenting a garden-wedding ambience and surprise, surprise, this focus wall makes a great backdrop for group photos. In the age of social media, it is always a major plus to have features customers can interact with for those glamour shots.

With many promotions and service add-ons advertised throughout the week via its active Instagram account, it is worth keeping tabs with this café for announcements. These can include special offers on selected items for ‘Ladies Day’, and ‘Sunday is Milkshake Day’, as well as notifications to the public that the café has been booked for a private event.

So if you are looking for a small but pretty space to chill at with your girlfriends or your man, then you should definitely give this place a go. BHC Magazine’s recommendation? The chocolate fudge cake, you know you want to.

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