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Paddington House of Pancakes makes space for All-Time Delights, resulting in yet more choice for diners’ eyes and taste buds!
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If you’ve been to Paddington House of Pancakes in Berakas recently, you’ve probably noticed that it looks a little different. And maybe the name seems a little different, too. That’s because owner Denise Chai had it renovated and it now shares the space with All-Time Delights, the family’s own addition to the popular pancake chain. From every detail of the interior to each new item on the menu, Denise and her family put a lot of thought into their transformation of the eatery.

“Paddington was doing well for about 3 years, but we wanted to change things up and do something more, so we decided to add our own brand into the mix,” Denise explains when asked about the rationale behind the addition of All-Time Delights. The idea of 2 eateries sharing the same space may seem odd, but they make it work. Though the Paddington House of Pancakes signage and hand-painted ‘All-Time Delights’ mural exist in opposite corners, the area in between doesn’t feel divided at all. In fact, the renovated space almost feels familiar. However, if you miss the original look of Paddington House of Pancakes, don’t worry. One corner of the eatery has been dubbed the ‘Paddington Corner’ where some of the previous decorations and furniture pieces remain virtually untouched.

“We’ve repurposed some of the original furniture,” Denise tells us as she points to some pieces in the eatery. “We’ve kept the wooden chairs as they are, but these ones have been reupholstered to fit our overall design,” she says, motioning to booth seats and chairs. The upholstery choice gives off a subtle eclectic feel with the mishmash of furniture pieces and patterns, and this is a theme that is carried throughout the eatery. The light fixtures are no exception. The assortment of lights further adds to the eclectic vibe. This design aspect makes for a comfortable and casual dining experience.

When asked who was the brain behind the interior design, “My father,” Denise tells BHC. “He knew how he wanted this space to look and made sure everything fit his vision.” She further explained that they felt the place looked too dark, which is why the majority of the changes had to do with the eatery’s new colour palette. What were once dark walls are now replaced with varying hues of warm, calming brown and taupe that complement the smooth concrete floor.

Upon entering All-Time Delights, it’s hard to miss the immense white clock that contrasts nicely with the warm toned wall. “We saw this clock when we were in Australia. Seeing ‘Paddington’ on it, we just had to get it (for the eatery) so we hand carried it back to Brunei,” Denise recalls. The decorations at the eatery are mementoes from the owner’s travels. Numerous framed art pieces and wall decorations hang on the walls. “We like buying art pieces as souvenirs, but we end up with too many, so we decided to display them here,” she tells BHC.

What caught the BHC team’s eye, however, was the ceiling where there were dark brown panels with cut out stencils of different types of leaves. With the light paint of the ceiling peeking through the stencils, the shapes added an understated element of nature to the interior design. Another touch of nature in the eatery comes in the form of tall leafy plants in long blue planters which act as a partition. “If needed, we can remove the plants and move the planters to make more space. If it’s for an event, we can put boards on the planters and turn them into buffet tables,” Denise explains.

All-Time Delights can comfortably fit about 80 people at a time, but that can be increased to 100 should the occasion arise. Families planning to bring kids will be happy to know that All-Time Delights is a child-friendly eatery. In addition to having colourful plastic cups especially for the little ones, there is also a designated children’s play area with shelves of toys and a small table with chairs. Next to the play area, there’s a reading area with magazine racks and 4 single-seat sofas. There is also a coffee table with couches for those looking for a more laidback dining experience.

Adding All-Time Delights to Paddington House of Pancakes makes for an interesting menu that offers diners the best of both worlds. Paddington’s famous pancake dishes are still available, including their famous Classic Buckleberry and Aussie Burger. As for the All-Time Delights specialty, they offer a unique take on a local favourite, Kolo Mee. This is the most popular menu item as diners are able to choose what noodles, sauce and toppings they would like to have. What makes the Kolo Mee special is that the sauces are made fresh daily by Denise’s mother. On top of that, the toppings include Chicken Chop, Ayam Penyet and the indulgent crackling chicken skin (we could go on about this endlessly!). Another popular menu item is the breaded chicken wings which come in 3 flavours: original, spicy and sambal belacan. Suffice to say that the eatery’s motto proves true: All Time Delights, All Day Everyday!

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