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Cuckoo Popularity Continues to Rise
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Some six weeks ago on the evening of September 26, the Brunei base of the Korean household giant, Cuckoo, celebrated its 2nd anniversary in our Sultanate. Yet another milestone for what is increasingly perceived as a highly-respectable brand, this occasion saw the company feting business associates, specially-invited guests, staff, and members of the media during a gala dinner.

Held at the Tarindak D’Seni restaurant’s Serambi Suluh Ballroom in Kota Batu, attendees joined Cuckoo in celebrating its achievements throughout its two years of operations.

Managing Director of Cuckoo Brunei, Mr Wong Kim Guan, shared that by the end of 2018, a final tally of 10,000 units in user acquisition will have been met, cementing the brand as a household name nationwide. With goals to extend its market share to 22% of Bruneian households in 2019, the people behind the scenes march forward united in purpose. Given the number of homes, eateries and business premises that the BHC Magazine team have visited in the last 24 months, in which Cuckoo units have been spotted, we are equally confident that this target is attainable.

The anniversary saw multiple announcements taking place, including the reveal of Cuckoo Brunei’s new office and store facelift, as well as the launch of a major community oriented Corporate Social Responsibility project that called the Cuckoo Care Foundation. This long-term global initiative aims to assist communities through the provision of convenient access to clean, safe drinking water, with support tailored to meet the needs of local communities across our nation.

The gala dinner also saw the launch of two new products: The three-in-one temperature, mild-alkaline K-Top Water Purifier, and the Q10 Multi Pressure Cooker. The managing director proceeded to enlighten his audience, informing them that, “The water purifier has four filters, with a six-stage filtration system and an antibacterial stainless-steel water tank instead of a plastic one, that will be priced at an affordable range for the community, making it easier for customers to own a unit,” of their own. An energy saving product, the K-Top is both stylish and slim.

The new Multi-Pressure Cooker is smaller in sized compared to other models in its lineup but is aimed specifically at a Bruneian audience. With nine modes: Glutinous Rice, Glutinous Turbo, Mixed Rice, Sushi Rice, Oven, Gaba Rice, Porridge, Baby Food and Multi-Cook, the Q10 is one of the most advanced multi-pressure cookers in the international market – and that is just a few of the features it possesses.

Touching on the CSR initiative, Mr Wong Kim Guan expressed his strong belief that every community is entitled to access to clean, safe and reliable water. Therefore, the Cuckoo foundation plans to donate $100,000 worth of water purifiers nationwide to Non-Profit Organisations, Community Centres, and those in need. In fact, two water purifiers have already been donated to the Centre for Children with Special Needs (KACA) and the Mohamed Bolkiah Mosque in Kg Serusop.

Absolutely brilliant. Well done Cuckoo Brunei.

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