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The Monochrome Home
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We get to see some pretty amazing homes, yes it’s true. However, just when the BHC Magazine team acknowledges that the previous month’s home cannot be matched for uniqueness, style, or innovation, we are proven wrong yet again. Now do not mistake the intent, for we are always happy to make new discoveries that prove our Sultanate is the abode of a great many residential beauties.

Take for example this stunning residence that has earned a place in our hearts as ‘The Monochrome Home’. This two-storey house that was built on private land is the direct byproduct of the owners’ creativity and proactive attitudes, and took us by pleasant surprise.

“My husband and I designed the blueprints and the floor plan,” says Hajah Ruby Salehuddin, with a hint of pride. Five years spent in the planning stage, the home would have to wait a further two more years for construction works to be completed. “That was two years ago now,” Hajah Ruby says with a smile. Along with her husband, Shari Haji Awang Besar, and their children, there is indeed quite a bit to smile about.

First and foremost, upon entering the home the one thing that everyone notices immediately is the staircase. Winding around itself in an angular manner, the staircase rises from the centre of the house. A unique feature indeed as its location acts a partition creating – within a basic square – four areas that are segregated while simultaneously occupying an open concept plan.

The central staircase presents ample opportunities to play with the space in such a creative manner because it can be treated as one living room that can be divided based on function. Two corners of the square have been utilised as seating areas with sofa sets and coffee tables for entertaining guests. Another corner has been turned into a dining area a glass topped table, classy décor, and a display cabinet. The fourth corner leads to a small corridor where a bathroom can be found. This latter section was designed in a manner similar to what one might expect of a posh restaurant’s restroom. Coincidentally, at the time that statement was said out aloud (by yours truly), BHC Magazine’s lead photographer also said out “This reminds me of Pullman Hotel.” Comments which resulted in the homeowners beaming smiles and modest denials of “No lah, it’s not that fancy. It’s just our small home.”

Going beyond the ‘basic square’, in between two of the corners at the western-most side of the house is an entranceway that leads to a more personal dining area with more décor and knick knacks. This is when the second most noticeable feature of the home becomes apparent. In a tribute to monochrome enthusiasts, this home comes close to mimicking the Scandinavian approach to interior design. With light brown tiles sourced from Nordin Jaya that blend well with its surroundings, and a few broad-leafed potted plants providing some vibrancy, “the only thing missing now is a lake”, Hajah Ruby jokes; and you know what? We completely agree!

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