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All you need is an imagination and an eye for decor
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Some of you may be familiar with the adage that it is not the size that matters, but rather, how you use it. This not-so-little nugget of wisdom is certainly true in the case of this month’s cute and cosy home.

Residing along one of the outer streets near the edge of the Kampong Mengkubau Residential area – a community of homes built by the government of His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei for his people – is our target this month. With all the properties in this commune sharing the same structure and layout, as well as being similar in their external appearance, one home stands out from its neighbours.

Right by the front door is a set-up comprising a carpet grass mat, on which a garden diorama has been designed. A white mini picket fence that stands at ankle height acts as a border for leafy green plants, and a number of ornaments between it and a section of wall. Urns, cat statuettes, a model galleon, to name a few. Also on the mat are 2 chairs and a table with a mini home model on display. This fresh and vibrant diorama makes for a nice change of scenery during cooler days, and is a major contrast to the treasure within.

Once inside, you are greeted by a cooling scene comprising the owner’s favourite hues of white, black and grey. On a hot day, the atmosphere inside is a welcoming and comfortable retreat from the sun’s rays, the primary colours offering to cool down the body psychologically. Conversely, on a cloudy tropical storm-filled day, the light grey and white walls actually make the living room seem extra cosy. Such a scenario calls for warm yellow lights to be flipped, a blanket to be thrown over oneself while enjoying a hot beverage. Extra cosy to be sure.

The owners, consist of a D.I.Y husband who enjoys fiddling around the house, implementing personal upgrades such as added shelves, while the lady of the house is a fan of decorating spaces. It helps that she can count herself among a circle of friends who are both passionate about interior design, and share an interest in similar design styles. It is not uncommon for this group of women to get together to share notes and ideas on how they can keep their home settings fresh. Again, it is true that a small space is challenging to work with, but with a little imagination, anything is possible.

All of the furnishings were sourced in Brunei, with couch sets, tables, smaller chairs and a myriad assortment of knick knacks acting as an extension of the homeowners’ personality. Purchased from Deli, Court Furnishing, IKEA, and WyWy. Vases with small leafy green plants and flowers dot the surroundings and have not been overused. In addition to wooden slat trays, motivational messages adorning walls, and the odd candle here and there; the spots of colour available are muted to an extent that the surrounding’s visuals appear to be a gradual blend from dark to light.

With a living room and dining room occupying the same space, a couch has been used as an effective impromptu divider. The circular table and chair set up is ideal for the dining area as opposed to an angular set up. The kitchen is also a cosy affair with lots of knick knacks and decorations such as fridge magnets indicative of interesting adventures taken in the past.

A humble abode with down-to-Earth and hospitable owners, this was a visit BHC Magazine was happy to make!

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