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Fabular’s customizable spaces
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A man cave, a library, a gym, a hobby display area, an artist’s retreat, an office, a café, or an all-round entertainment centre. Regardless of its function, the possibilities for what your own mini personal getaway could resemble is limited only by imagination.

Now … imagine being able to have this set-up built in just 60 days and delivered right to your doorstep. Now … imagine being able to pay for this affordable space via a loan over a short period of time, just as you would with your vehicle. Now … imagine if, in the name of convenience, this private getaway space was made even more accessible courtesy of 3 separate financing plans available through BIBD. Have I got your attention yet?

Sounds good doesn’t it? I know, I know, too good; but ladies and gentlemen there is indeed a new player in town and Fabular has made a splash felt by many, with its pre-fabricated showroom raising eyebrows, as well as rapidly garnering attention and interest from many segments of Brunei society. With social media influencers posting videos of their recent visits, actual footage to accompany the high-end descriptions thrown out by Fabular personnel are given weight, and ultimately justified.

Configured to meet your budget and preference, these port au cabins are engineered to last a lifetime, and despite Fabular’s bold confidence that clients will not need it, a full 1-year warranty is still provided in all their packages nonetheless. Considering that traditional residences have never required warranty, this is a boon that will put clients’ minds at ease.

Overall, the basic design includes a bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe, pantry, living room, and a mezzanine level where a second bed can be placed. Structurally, the cabin’s roof is insulated with dual layers of Rockwool supported by a high-rib roof that prevents water seepage. The fiber cement boards comprising the external walls, and gypsum board walls making up the interior, have been finished with both regular and textured paint finishes.

A real wood veneer finish glosses the vinyl flooring indoors while the outdoor decking comprises thick Hevea wooden planks. From the galvanized steel sections, to the aluminium window frames, within which the window itself can be either tempered or laminated, these spaces are manufactured using the highest grade materials.

Utilising clever storage space strategies, pre-fab units inspire a clutter-free environment that has multi-use furnishings seamlessly integrated into the panelized and modular structure. Whether it be the refrigerator stored in a hollowed out section of wall, a tucked-away AC unit, or multi-socketed power source hidden within the pantry’s countertop, these are but a few examples of items being hidden from plain view. Striking this balance between functionality and maintaining an open floor plan is part and parcel of the Fabular experience.

If anything, the essence of Fabular is home living made easy; and because there is beauty in simplicity, this 450 square-foot space embraces technology in its most efficient form – by enabling the spaceowner to control the major features via an app on your smart-device. ‘Smarter than your average home’, the spaceowner can: unlock the front door at a touch, set the temperature and control the lighting. Monitor your space from afar 24/7 through the CCTV system, thus satisfying the security component of owning property. And should you ever find yourself feeling a little lonely, there’s always Alexa.

From activating and deactivating your smart features via voice commands through Alexa, this portable speaker is even equipped with preset responses that require between 3-5 seconds for her to craft and present to the questioner. Better yet, Alexa has some interesting preprogrammed responses that will have you giggling unexpectedly. Don’t believe us, then ask Alexa to tell you a joke, although having listened to a few ourselves, the BHC Magazine team can’t vouch for her dry sense of humour appeasing everyone.

I will tell you however, what the BHC Magazine team can vouch for: the reality that the advent of creating mini homes and getaway spaces uniquely tailored to the individual has officially begun. Fabular, the latest gem to be unearthed from our Kingdom of Hidden Treasures, is here, and even I badly want what they have to offer.



Unit 28, 2nd Floor, Kompleks Muhibah II,
Menglait, Gadong, Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam BE3978



Tel: 242 8831


Website: Fabular.Co

FB: Fabular.Co


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