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Reap the psychological benefits of incorporating flora into your home.
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We are all aware of the benefits of organic food, cosmetics and so on but what about where we live? With all its elements and organic shapes, nature has great effects on the human body. When bringing nature elements indoors we feel happier, healthier, and at the same time more energetic and optimistic, so here are some tips to reap the benefits of nature in your home.


  1. Put plants everywhere

The most common way of incorporating nature into your home is with potted plants and fresh flowers. Put these fresh accents anywhere you can, including the bathroom, to make your home look and feel like a spa. Be mindful of the types of plants and in what kind of environments they thrive in.


  1. Use natural materials

Another way is to use materials such as stone or wood which are usually found outdoors and make them part of your home’s interior. Make sure they stand out. For example, a stone sink in the bathroom would make a great statement piece.


  1. Let natural light in

It’s important to have a home with lots of sunlight if you want it to feel fresh and cheerful. Natural light is especially important if you want to have plants and flowers in your home. Install sheer day curtains to allow in light while maintaining a fair amount of privacy.


  1. Entice your senses

Sounds of rain, wind, and waves are used in luxury spas to make you feel relaxed and in tune with nature. Woodsy incense and floral potpourri are always a treat for the senses. You can also evoke these feelings at home with scents and calming nature sounds.


  1. Rattan furniture and accessories

Rattan furniture is usually associated with the outdoors, so if you use it to decorate interior of your home, you can create a cosy little corner reminiscent of beautiful nature excursions.


  1. Use colors inspired by nature

Green reminds us of the earth, grass and plants. Blue is refreshing like water and the sky. Yellow evokes a sense of freshness, like the sun and fresh flowers. Neutral tones such as tans and beige make your interiors look natural and clean. Use these colours on your walls, window coverings, upholstery and décor.

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