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Asia’s Most Promising SME 2018
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From graphic design to creative strategy, corporate identity to brand management, social media marketing to digital advertising, web development to magazine publications; this full-service creative design agency has never shied away from the diverse array of challenges encountered in this line of work. Constantly innovating, continuously evolving, the wonderfully weird and unique minds of MMW march forward united in purpose as it makes bold attempts to push its boundaries ever further. With the recent addition of videography and event management services to its portfolio of offerings to clients across our Sultanate, MMW has now become synonymous with the concept of ‘Everything under a Single Roof’ within Brunei Darussalam’s creative sphere.

A private-sector entity that is always humble, MMW Founder, Azlan Ahmad, explains in a single sentence that the ultimate goal has first and foremost always been “to be a fully home-grown agency with international levels of achievements and creative standards.”

With 40 employees specialising in distinct fields from its headquarters on the 3rd floor of the Knowledge-Hub within the strategic Anggerek Desa Technology Park – Brunei’s modest Silicon Valley equivalent – a visit reveals an office culture that fosters and promotes the belief that clientele must be drawn into the actual process itself. This quality of creative engagement results in the clash of ideas, spawning solutions that would have escaped our purview under other normal circumstances.

This personal touch is reflected in the company’s recruitment process, in which a common core belief is that a unique scenario or challenge requires an equally unique mindset to overcome. Fortunately the MMW roster boasts some of the most passionate, abstract and weird minds in the business, under an open minded

leadership that respects all perspectives irrespective of position, age and background. From raw talent to refined skill, teamwork is redefined in our creative playground.

Everybody has something to bring to the table, and at MMW, we are always hungry.

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