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What are your 2018 colours
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Symbolic of experimentation and non-conformity, the Pantone Colour Institute has selected Ultra Violet as 2018’s colour of the year. It is a blue-based purple that represents the mysteries of the greater galaxy, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. Ultra Violet is nuanced, full of emotion, and contemplative. It is a colour that encourages us to push boundaries through creative outlets and spiritual reflection.

Ultra Violet is a versatile trans-seasonal and gender-neutral colour that lends itself to fashion, beauty, home interiors, and graphic design. The Pantone Colour Institute has created 8 colour palettes that pair with Ultra Violet to inspire you to bring this year’s colour into your homes. Ultra Violet is paired with brights, deeper hues, pastels, midtones, and metallics to convey distinct feelings and moods.

These are our personal favourites from Pantone’s colour palettes, but there are even more! So if you would like to see more colour combinations that feature Ultra Violet to freshen up the interior of any room in your home, then check out for more inspiration and ideas.





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